It’s Been 200 Days… What’s Normal Anymore?

So, it’s been 200 days now since I initially went into coronavirus-related isolation.

Two hundred days.

Where have they gone? I wish I knew.

This year has been such an incredible waste of my professional life that I can’t begin to explain it. But in a way, it was a reawakening of my personal life. See, even though it’s been rocky with work and having the mental fortitude to do my job, these two hundred days have given me a new perspective.

Even though we work in a highly competitive, production based field, we deserve a few things. Breaks, sick days, time away from the computer. I’ve realized these things actually make my life more complete and my writing a lot less lopsided. It’s good stuff.

It’s Time for a Plan

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m about to hit my busiest time of the year, because not only am I servicing existing clients, I’m working up new marketing to try to entice bigger, better ones. I’m doing two jobs, basically, so I can keep going with the one I have.

I’m not complaining, it is what it is, but this is the busy season. We’ve walked into it. That means more wrist strain, more chair marks imprinted into our ample backsides, more sitting in front of blank pages and despairing.

This year, I’m going to try to make a better plan: less, but more. More time spent doing what I want. Less time spent worrying about what clients think. I’m going to bang the keys, deliver the deliverables, and let the worry go. It’s not good for anything, anyway.

I’m safe in my house, I can stop in the middle of my day to buy groceries (it’s not as busy at the market then), I can go for a walk with my dogs. I can escape, but I must not escape by staring and worrying. It’s time to push some life into those empty holes.

I don’t know what you’ve learned this year, or what changes you may have in mind for futures near and far, but I’d like to hear about them.

Our writing community has become a very different thing with so many parents having to help their kids with school while working from home (and the whole rest of the world discovering remote work!) and it’s going to be different for a long time to come. We might as well strategize together.