Four Ways You’re Fucking Up Your Professional Social Media

Popstar-GoatWe need to talk, guys.  I mean, seriously.  I’ve noticed you’re making some major mistakes on your social media.  I mean, bigguns.  Although social media is a great place to express a lot of feelings, thoughts and share stuff, when you’re using it as a professional tool it becomes something different.  Clients turn to your social media to get an idea about your professional and personal sides, to be sure, but there are things that I can promise will never fucking help you.  Let’s begin the countdown.

#4.  Stuff you don’t care about.  There’s a fine line between entertaining (that’s what you’re doing with your Social, believe it or not) and just posting shit.  Find stuff you like and share that — whatever it is.  No person in their right mind will pass you over because you share entertainment news from the BBC or follow the latest research in robotics.  There is a caveat to this, though — watch how MUCH you share, because it can be overwhelming.  Try to stick to about a story or item per hour.

#3.  ANYTHING from FoxNews or equally inflammatory “news” sources.  These types of political machines are meant to get the blood boiling, to piss you the fuck off and drive you to action.  They work when you share their posts and spread their twisted sales pitch.  JUST STOP IT.  Even if there is a grain of truth to whatever you’re pushing, people are tuning you out, just like they tune out FoxNews.  Find a credible, neutral news source if you MUST share that story.

#2.  Petitions that show mutilated people, animals, etc.  I understand that you’ve got your positions, you want to save the whales or whatever, and that’s fine.  But for fuck’s sake, look at the image that’s going to pop up with that petition before you post it.  NOTHING is a bigger turn-off than this sadistic shit.  Even if I happen to support you, I’m going to leave your feed with some seriously negative feels when you start adding pictures of decapitated puppies.

#1.  Controversial topics that everybody is sick to death of hearing about.  Are you pro-Choice?  Pro-Life?  Professionally, I don’t fucking care.  And I don’t want it shoved in my face if I’m looking for a Goddamned copywriter.  I’m going to assume you don’t read the news, keep up with things that actually matter to your career and that you’ve got an IQ of 20.  There’s not a damn thing that’s SOCIAL about abortion.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some ideas for things you SHOULD post on Social.  It all depends on the Social outlet you’re using, of course, but generally speaking, these are great equalizers:

  • Photos of your kids.
  • Pics of your pets.
  • Recipes.
  • Stories about your real life that aren’t overly dramatic or peacocky.
  • Birthday cards to friends.
  • Links to really neat news stories you’ve just read.
  • Funny memes.
  • Links to your well-thought out blog posts.
  • Fun quizzes people might take and talk about.

Do you see the difference?  Professionals use Social to create community, bring people together and create a sense of sameness — they don’t use it to alienate everybody they can find.  Find some common ground, be yourself and you’ll be SHOCKED how well your Social media starts working for you.