I Write a Letter to Myself Every New Year’s Eve Day

fireworks-wallpapers-fireworks-bang-pics-xI know a lot of you guys drink to excess and snort all manner of unusual things up your noses to ring in the new year, but I’m not nearly so exciting and sexy.  Instead, every year on December 31, I write myself a letter.  I started it as a way of handling a lot of changes that were coming at me way too fast, but soon became something my small readership actually looked forward to every year — and I do, too.

The reason I’m telling you about it is that maybe you need a time to stop and give yourself a solid talking-to, maybe you don’t look back enough and have no idea what’s ahead of you.  Maybe you don’t encourage yourself enough, maybe you don’t see through your own bullshit, maybe you can’t balance who you want to be with who you are.

Whatever your reason, I encourage you to do the same.  Write yourself a very heartfelt letter, one that addresses the good and the bad, the past and the future.  Write them every year, and look back over the old ones to see just how far you’ve come.  I can tell you, since I started mine, I’ve come a very long way, and I have the proof in my letters.

I’m a million miles away from where I planned to be by this point in my life the year that I started writing those letters.  I’m a fucking galaxy away mentally.  But it’s ok, and that’s sort of the point, I guess.  Life is anything but straightforward and your career, your blog, your online business — they’re the same way.

Some people get insanely lucky and hit the nail on the head right away, but most of us, we’re mostly lost and wander in the dark.  Once in a while we find a doorknob and we turn it, because why not — at least it’s something.  As we fall down into the pit that’s just inside the threshold, shouting “OH FUCK!” all the way down, we ponder how that might have gone better.  Maybe we shouldn’t have fucking opened a random door, or maybe we should have looked at the floor better before we stepped in.

Whatever it is, whatever that random pit leads to, it’s another step.  But there’s one thing about stumbling around in the dark that people don’t tell you — you can and will learn as you go.  You’ll figure out that when it feels a little cooler and wetter, you’re probably going to slip and fall on your ass from the moisture on the floor and that when things seem like they’re going too well, you’ll start questioning yourself and everything else just to find some fucking drama to feed the nasty beast inside of you.

So, write to yourself about your journey, leave yourself reminders.  It may well be that the thing you came across just once last year and was really awesome will come up again and you’ll need someone’s help to navigate your way to it.  Be your own Yoda.