5 Reasons NaPoWriMo Should Be On Your To Do List

Hi.  Me again.  After waking up from a winter-long stupor, I realized that it was almost NaPoWriMo.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year.  I know that probably doesn’t make much sense, considering how much I loathe NaNoWriMo (seriously, bro, that’s a nightmare).  NaPoWriMo is a different beast entirely, though.  It doesn’t require you to lock yourself in a tiny room by yourself, banging out 50,000 frantic words during a month that includes a major holiday.

NaPoWriMo only asks for one tiny poem a day.  It can be haiku, it can be free form, it can be whatever.  It’s an exercise in streamlining your thoughts and conveying them in a way that everyone should be able to understand.  Poetry isn’t the song of the elite, it’s the music of the masses.  So, without further ado — five reasons you should do NaPoWriMo this year.

  1. Poetry is fun.  Where else can you tangle your fingers in words strung like yarn on the page?  Where else can you fundamentally toss the rules of English so completely that no one cares if you fail to punctuate and capitalize as long as you’re understood?  Poetry is the closest thing we writers have to recess.  Go play.
  2. Efficient writing is a valuable skill.  If we’re being fucking practical (screw that), poetry is an exercise in efficiency.  Unless you’re Homer.  But you’re not, so let’s assume you’re writing short form poetry.  Being able to completely express yourself with a minimum of words is a skill that’s valuable to journalists and copywriters everywhere — you might as well practice tightening your copy up here and there.
  3. All writing is a song.  When it comes down to it, all good writing rolls by beats.  All good writing flows like a song.  If your writing doesn’t move like satin through your reader’s head, it needs honing.  Poetry can help to marry prose and song in a way that will forever change how you write.  The thought process behind it is perfect for all types of writing.
  4. Writing a little poem every day isn’t a huge thing.  Unlike NaNoWriMo, you don’t have to give up your social life, deny your family, throw out your exercise routine and focus on doing nothing but noveling.  You only need to dash off a few little lines and you’re done.  A bit of art every day can make your day a lot better.
  5. Because I fucking said so.  I’ll be participating in NaPoWriMo because I think it’s important.  I don’t tend to write really serious poetry, but it’s a great outlet for me because I get to think about writing differently.  This is a valuable thing, if you can do it in a way that doesn’t take away from your regular work.

Write, motherfuckers, write.  I’ll see you at NaPoWriMo.