Notes from Quarantine, Day 7: Silver Linings

The news, I know.  I know, the news.  

It’s growing grimmer by the day and for good reason, the situation is growing more serious and many are still not taking it very seriously.  There are plenty of people who are defying suggestions to stay home, sunning their perineum as a way to protect them from CV-19, and buying up all the supplies.  There are people who are still denying that there even *IS* a problem, which is, naturally, making the problem we actually have a lot worse.

Both coasts now have cases numbering in the thousands.  Every state, even the ones failing to report properly or test adequately, are reporting sick people.  They’re enacting all kinds of draconian rules to try to enforce social distancing so our healthcare workers stand a remote chance to fight this thing on our behalf.

It’s funny, for all the people who get absolutely pissed off when anyone says anything against our military, there are plenty who are happy to take our medical front line down.  I’m just saying, they’re the heroes today. We don’t need G. I. Joe, we need doctors and nurses. And they need us.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

As I typed this header, I got an announcement that the governor of Arkansas was having a press conference about the COVID-19 situation there.  I’m about an hour from the state line, so my local news is covering both state responses.  

It’s alarming.  So alarming.

And it’s overwhelming.  There’s so much news coming at us so fast, there’s so much happening that we don’t have the tools to deal with.

There’s every reason for you to be paralyzed with fear.

But, because my state is near the tail end of this thing, I know we’ve all had our chances to deal with the shock of the situation we’re in by now.  It’s not easy, but it’s time that we start to work through the fear. It’s not all doom and gloom, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.  

Humans may be fragile, but humanity is resilient.  We will carry on if we pull together, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to remember the good things.

Today, I charge you with finding some positives in your day.  Remind your friends that things might be scary, but there are still Oreos.  There are still cat memes on the internet. There are still idiots like me riding the keyboard so you can stay both informed and distracted.

Oh, and call your mom.