Some Awesome Resources!

If you’re looking for writing, freelancing, living, content marketing or SEO advice, check these blogs out!  I’ll be adding to this list from time to time.


Top Shelf Copy  (SEO, content marketing.  disclaimer: I pilot the content marketing division on that ship)

Terrible Minds (writing advice.  If you think I’ve got a potty mouth, don’t click here)

The Oatmeal (comic.  you need ha has)

Content Writing Services: The Ultimate List (it says what it does, it does what it says)

The Secret Sauce to Freelance Writing On the Side.  Written by a good freelance writing friend of mine, someone who has been at this a very long time and who really knows her stuff.  I’ve read this booklet, it’s totally awesome and completely worth the few bucks she’s asking.  Check it out today!

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