Welcome to the Writing Hole ™

When I go off to write, I tell my husband I’m going to the Writing Hole ™.  I started this as a joke, because he can’t bear how bad I let my desk get before I do anything about it (hey, I have more important things to tend to), but now it’s kind of the name for my actual work mode.

The Writing Hole ™.  As if it were a deep, dark, stanky, smelly, squishy place.

Whatever.  Shut up.

A Brief History of the Writing Hole ™

I’ve actually been a chronic Writing Hole inhabitant since I was young.  I think it was kindergarten, or maybe first grade, when my class was photographed for the local paper because of some thing we did.  Maybe we sent letters to soldiers or caught Girl Scouts on fire, I don’t remember.  I just remember the photo.

Each of the desks in my classroom (mind you, this was several decades ago, so we had papers and books and stuff) was just pristine, with a smiling kid plopped in behind it as if they were staged.  Then there was me.  I was hiding behind a pile of shit.  Papers, books, pencils, rhinoceros bones, whatever.  Lots of shit.  That’s the point.

Since that time so long ago, I’ve often wondered if it’s some failing on my part that I simply CANNOT maintain an uncluttered existence.  I mean, I bathe and stuff, but my work area tends to pile up… high and deep.  It drives people crazy, but I feel like I’m inside my cozy little Writing Hole ™.

But, It Turns Out….

I’m sure we’ve all seen some of the most famous cluttered desks of all time, like:


Mark Zuckerberg’s

Or Tony Hsieh’s (CEO of Zappos)

…but, most of you norms just ridicule these guys, saying that they must have gotten lucky, or marveling at how they manage to thrive among the piles.  Well, smarty pants, as it turns out, the “pile” form of desking can actually foster creativity.  Yep.  You heard it here second or fifth or whatever.

A number of small-scale studies of students have shown that creativity is born of disorder, or that creativity BREEDS disorder, but either way, creativity and chaos are best friends.  So, today, instead of posting an actually useful post, I’d like to show you how creative I am.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Welcome to the Writing Hole ™.

Mind my small chaos pile, you can’t see the stack of boxes immediately to the left of my chair.  I’m basically walled in here.  Plus, I moved this summer.  Give it time to mature.

Also, I LOVE Post-Its.  They’re the best things to ever happen to America.

So, how about you?  Do you work in a hovel?  Show me that dirty desk, bro!