Why Should I Direct Hire My Writers?

433089_f520Hiring a writer isn’t that much different than hiring a gardener or a mechanic or a fucking plumber, but for some reason you guys go off the rails when it comes time to do it right.  I mean it, what’s the deal with all these brokerage sites and middle men that you’re paying a ton extra just to have access to an anonymous pool of writers that you know nothing about?

Stop that.  Right now.  Get away from the middle men and listen up.  You need to direct hire your writers, starting N.O.W.  Why?  Well, for one thing, using a ghostwriter or even just hiring a copywriter to represent your company’s brand places a great deal of trust in that person.  If you don’t actually know who they are, how can you know if they’re going to be the right fit for your corporate culture, blog followers, social fans or whoever they’re supposed to lead, convert or entertain?

You can’t.  Those blind services are bad for business, they’re bad for the writers you do get and they’re just… bad.  BAD.  I know a lot of writers who cut their teeth in the content mills, but that’s no reason to trust them with your valuable copy.  In fact, for every one successful copywriter I know that works in the field now, there are probably 200 that never made it out.  And that’s not what you want — unless, of course, you LIKE bottom of the barrel dredges writing your very valuable copy.

Maybe you don’t know it, but of that $50 or whatever you pay per blog at a content mill, a very small percentage trickles down to the writer.  Sometimes they make a penny a word.  A PENNY!  Would you bother to do your best work for a fucking copper Lincoln?  Of course not.  Why waste your valuable marketing dollars on garbage when you could hire a professional copywriting team for the big jobs, or an individual, experienced copywriter for your less frequent content?

The market changes all the time, but in most cases, $50 will buy you something pretty decent if you wave it around a room full of properly trained writers.  Don’t waste your money, risk your brand image and drive yourself crazy with a content mill.  Stop right now… step away from those blind copywriting services and hire a professional who actually cares if your website sings.