Social Media For Writers

socialmediaWell, well, well… look who the cat dragged in….

I hear you’ve been begging work off of oDesk for a nickel a go and have no business plan or direction.  That sounds about right.  Well, it’s time to kick that shit to the curb — today you’re getting Social.

Writers NEED Social Meda

Welcome to 2014, it’s a new and exciting era.  With the extinction of the passenger pigeon, your hopes of sending your finely-crafted writings to your editor miles away have been crushed and you now have no idea how to connect with the outside world.  Check out this thing they call Social Media.

Social Media is more than media and it’s not just about being social, though there’s a lot of that going on by accident.  In fact, for a writer, Social Media is a place to showcase your unique and quirky personality and that stuff that you’ve got that no one else does.  It doesn’t matter if you’re all Twittery, you love G+ or you’re a Facebook Freak, Social is what you need.

There’s no faster, easier way for your clients to find you and a link to your blog, website or samples than through Social.  In fact, it’s genuinely expected that you understand how to work Social Media in today’s world.  So…. get with the program!  Although there are tons of Social Media sites out there, I only have found a few that really do it for me:

Facebook.  If you’re a writer and not on the Facebook, you’re getting your writing privileges suspended.  There is no better place on this earth to meet people who are fairly literate, read all the stuff and engage in stimulating conversations that may or may not end explosively.  Beware of trolls and keep a separate account for work if you must, but Facebook is where it’s at.

Pinterest.  Pinterest is an interesting choice for Social Media.  It’s basically a bunch of photos with a little bit of text attached.  Why do I love Pinterest?  Because it’s so visual, certain types of clients will fit there like a glove.  Got a painter or a landscape designer who needs to branch into Social?  Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.

LinkedIn.  People don’t give LinkedIn nearly enough credit.  Sure, it’s more like Facebook in a suit, but that suit can make a world of difference.  Instead of hobnobbing with your local rabble, you can now connect with so-called professionals all over the world.  And that’s really something, isn’t it?

If you don’t Social, Bro, your online writing career is over before it has begun.  Sure, you’ve got a nice client or three right now, but clients are like sands in an hourglass or a Popsicle left out on the counter — they simply don’t last forever, or something.  Clients are fleeting, networking on Social Media is forever.

*A Note on the Tweeter.  I hate the Tweeter.  I hate it with the fiery hot passion of a thousand burning suns.  I didn’t always hate the Tweeter.  At first I feared it.  I guess that’s how these things go.  The problem with Tweeter for a writer is that you can’t really… write.  Also, it’s much harder to be social in 160 characters or less, so it’s not actually SOCIAL media.