What Can A Copywriter Do For My Business?

Business-Social-MediaDelegation is vital to the success of any business, no matter if you’re selling paperclips or installing satellite dishes.  You’ve got the guy who does the bookkeeping and keeps the lights on, you hire somebody to answer the phone, salespeople to make connections in the big wide world, but you’re still trying to write killer sales copy by yourself.

Why?  Why are you suffering needlessly through endless revisions when you could simply hire a professional to knock your blogs, social, press releases and other marketing materials right out of the park?  Maybe you don’t actually know what a copywriter does.  Let me enlighten you, because you really need one.

Modern copywriters combine sales skills with expertise in communications and the results are amazing.  Unlike the limp, cliched copy you’ve written for yourself, the materials a copywriter provides can stand on their own as a sales pitch when they must.  Your sales people can’t be everywhere all the time, they need a strong copywriter to help them fill in the gaps.  After all, your direct mail can reach tens of thousands more people than any sales force; your website makes connections with people globally without so much as a single trip through airport security.

Part of being a successful business in this day and age is about playing the long game — that’s why less threatening written copy is such a vital asset to any company.  Potential customers who are completely resistant to a sales pitch are more than willing to visit your site to find out more about your industry and your product.  These people don’t want to be bullied or goaded into buying something they don’t understand, they want information and on their own terms.

Welcome to the 21st century — it’s a crazy world where customers have very little faith in the economy and are holding on to their funds tightly.  You can’t force a sale by badgering them, you’ve got to build and nurture a relationship.  And that’s where your copywriter comes in.  Their work gives these reluctant customers a variety of ways to feel connected to your brand and regard it as a trusted friend.

Connection is the key.  Your lack of writing experience shows when your blogs are riddled with small grammatical errors or lack the musical flow that a copywriter cultivates.  Your customers can become as attached to your blogs as they do their favorite books, if only you bring in the right people to do the work.

Step away from the word processor and go find yourself an experienced copywriter to breathe some life into those lifeless and overly formal blog posts.  You’re doing a great job as the owner and manager of your business, but you’re not a student of the written word.  Hire a copywriter and watch your brand image solidify and your customer base grow.