Who the Hell I Think I Am

203595_317694878281563_614075362_nIt’s the question I hear echoing through the blogosphere as I surf along day by day, seeking whatever inane drivel it’s my job to build into a cohesive thought: “Who the hell do you think you are?”  Every blog I visit, every resource I use, I have to ask myself who this person is to proclaim themselves an expert in plumbing or rubber rain boots or whatever it is they’re writing about.

Because I ask it constantly, I’m sure you’re asking it, too.  After all, this is the first post for this blog that’s essentially mental masturbation — just an exercise in vomiting words onto a page.  So, who am I?  Why am I here?  What’s my purpose?  (Whoa, you went all existential on me there…)

My name is Kristi Waterworth, I’m a professional copywriter, ghostwriter and journalist who happens to know a few things.  Only a few, though, so don’t get too excited.

I got my start in print media in 1995, it’s been a madhouse since then.  My first job was for a local daily newspaper, that’s where I learned to grind copy, interview unsuspecting members of the public and attempt to present a balanced argument.  From there, I took various marketing and newspaper jobs, ultimately finding myself without a writing home in 2010 when my newspaper shut the doors.

Being the adventurous type I am, I wandered onto the Internet and realized there were like BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of words out there… and somebody had to be writing them, right?  Why not me?  WHY NOT ME?  Anyway, that’s how I got my start — I was a desperate journalist who needed work.  It’s not a proud start, but it’s a start and we all have them.

So, in short, I’m the fucker you need.  You need me to help you figure out this freelancing stuff, whether you’re a writer or someone with a project needing to be written; you need me to help with your editorial calendars; you need my networks; you need my knowledge.

Sit the fuck back and listen up.  I’m about to spill some wisdom all over the fucking place.